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This is still a Work in Progress, so a lot of the site art is just placeholders.
We're also planning on adding in filtering at some point.

Feel free to send me any feedback at !

Welcome to the new ArtSader!

ArtSader, formerly "Moosader's OpenArt", is a free asset directory with resources provided by the Moosader Community.

All of the artwork here is licensed strictly as CC-0 (Public Domain) or CC-by (Attribution), and is therefore free for you to use for any reason (even commercial!), with the only restriction possibly being to give credit to the artist.

Right now we provide 2D Characters, Items, and Environment art and Music, but with new contributions we will also host 3D assets, fonts, and more!

This is still just ArtSader v0.1. There is a lot more planned for ArtSader to make the website more dynamic and community-based, but that will come later. Until then, please enjoy the assets hosted here.

If you're interested in joining our community, please see the Moosader message board!

Thank you for visiting us!

Website News

Website Updates
8/14/2012 12:00:00 AM
Since launch, we've added:
  • Sorting assets by Date / Author / Title
  • Latest Assets in thumbnails on Browse page
  • PayPal/Flattr links for the website
  • Links page
  • Links to Moosader Forum and IRC